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Reading Food Labels–Tricks of the Trade

Deciphering food labels can sometimes be somewhat of a tricky process, as labels are often misleading, boasting about what the product “does not” contain to distract consumers from its actual contents, but getting educated about what the content of these labels actually means and keeping a few tips in mind should make the whole ordeal easier.  Check out my video on smart shopping–enjoy!

High Fructose Corn Syrup–Friend or Foe??

This long debated over substance has stirred up quite a controversy in the world of food.  What is this substance really, and what are its effects?  Answers are in the following video–enjoy!

Learning to Cook Will Save Your Life.

           Ever opened up a recipe book, food magazine, or visited a website only to find impossible looking directions and fancy food that almost looked too pretty to possibly be edible?  Cooking does not have to be difficult, time consuming, or confusing.  Cooking can literally SAVE YOUR LIFE.  Many diseases and ailments that afflict us as a society today can be prevented with a healthy diet.  It is as simple as having control over what and when you eat.  An incredible amount of will power is not necessary.  I don’t believe in “fad” diets or the food pyramid, simply because no one person or organization can tell an entire population of people what everyone should and should not be eating.  Everyone is different–so while raw honey and sugar may be beneficial to one person, it could spike blood sugar in someone who is diabetic.  While there are some foods that do not really contribute to the health of anyone (notice I said “contribute” to health–just because something may not immediately make you sick or feel ill does not make it “healthy”), learning what works for you is what will help you to lead a happier, healthier lifestyle.

      Shopping smart is the key to eating healthy.  It is possible to live on a budget and still buy foods that actually contribute to the body’s health.  Buying junk and processed foods is like throwing money away–literally.  In fact, in some cases, it will leave you in the negatives–instead of leaving you feeling satiated after eating, these foods are designed to keep you wanting more.  It becomes expensive to purchase prepackaged and processed foods, and they will actually deplete your body of its health slowly over time, leading you to spend money on medication or health care, if needed.   Cutting corners one place will cause your journey to be a little longer down the road.  There should be no “shortcuts” when it comes to good health.  Is getting your food “fast” really more important than it fueling your body and promoting health?  Investing time in cooking and shopping smart will be more beneficial than having to invest in healthcare plans when unhealthy foods cause the body to take a turn for the worst.  Anyone who tries to tell you what you absolutely, positively “should” or”should not” be eating all of the time (other than a doctor, if you have some sort of health issue), or on the contrary, a health professional that never mentions diet at all, is a confused person.  There has to be a balance to life, and food is no exception.

    Buying produce in bulk from local farmer’s markets, growing your own food (if possible in your environment), purchasing whole and multi-grain products, is actually much easier on the budget than it seems.  Being healthy does not require becoming a “raw–foodist” or “100% organic-only–no exceptions” nazi.  Cooking does not have to take hours of your time per day (time that many of us in this fast-paced society do not have)  You know your own individual situation and body better than anyone–Practicality is key!


2 responses to “Nutrition & Health

  1. Thank you for this, sooo true! I am still on the road to recovery in making healthier choices, but reading the facts like this helps keep me on the right path 🙂

    • No problem, sis! So glad you enjoyed it. I am still working at it as well, taking it one day at a time =) I checked out your blog, btw–such beautiful pictures and jewelry. Can’t wait to visit one day.

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