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Iced Ginger Tea with Mint Cubes

Pleasantly cool and refreshing beverage–perfect for summer!


1 1/2 quarts boiling water
(about 6 cups)

2 packets crystallized ginger, honey, cane sugar mix
(0.63 oz.)

6-8 slices fresh ginger

Extra honey/cane sugar to taste

Brewed mint tea, frozen into ice cubes

Fresh mint sprigs for garish


Allow boiled water to cool slightly before pouring into serving pitcher. Mix packets of ginger mix into water, and stir well until mixture dissolves.  Add fresh ginger slices to pitcher, and allow to sit. Add more honey or cane sugar (I used a little more of both) to taste, if necessary.  To make mint cubes, brew mint tea as you normally would (either using tea bag or loose leaves–I used loose leaves, and simply poured boiling water over leaves, and then strained tea before pouring into ice tray).  Allow tea to cool before pouring into ice tray.  Freeze cubes.  Allow tea to chill in fridge before serving (a few hours)–serve in tall glass over minty ice cubes and garnish with mint–Enjoy!!